How to Interact With Your Bestee

So once you have your Bestee, it is time to interact with it and bring it to life. We utilize two platforms for the augmented reality and the platform you will use depends on the image you have. Here are the instructions for the two platforms. 

Uni the Baby Unicorn  and Brielle the Mermaid Portrait

  1. Simply go to in the browser of your mobile device
  2. When prompted allow it to access camera
  3. Initializing will take a few seconds 
  4. When it begins scanning, center image in camera 
  5. When it finds the image, you will be prompted to hit the button in the center
  6. Enjoy the messaging and then close, view again or view new message. 
  7. There are multiple messages, so enjoy them all. 

Fairy Nights and Snowy Season

  1. Make certain Instagram app is loaded on your phone
  2. Open the camera on your mobile device
  3. Focus in on the QR Code on your image `
  4. When prompted, hit the link for
  5. This will take you to the Instagram app
  6. Make sure sound is turned on, and center image in camera when prompted to, find image. 
  7. Some of the images contain 3D characters. If so, be sure to check them out from all angles. 

That's it, it is as simple as that...enjoy your Bestee!!