Calling the Buffalo by David Yorke

Calling the Buffalo by David Yorke

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About the Piece:  *Work in Progress* Completed Animation and Audio will be Added Soon. 

This Signature piece in our Fine Art Collection includes both the Original Oil and one-of-a-kind digital image. The original oil, telling the story of the Calling the Buffalo ceremony, comes to life with with incredible animation and audio. Dancing, chanting and moving spiritual images put you in the center of the action. See how many different moving images you can identify within this piece.  With original prices that have climbed to over $30,000 and a past winner of Southwest Art Magazine's 10 top "Artists to Watch" this NFT combo of original and digital art is an unbelievable value...especially for his NFT genesis piece. 


From the Artist:

The Plains Indians tended to be nomadic cultures, who followed the herds of the Buffalo. The Bison provided food, clothing and shelter for the many Native American societies who relied on their annual return. The ceremonial dance was usually a calling on the spirit of the Buffalo, for good luck.


"Calling The Buffalo" was intended to illustrate a Lakota dancer, deep in his spiritual ceremony, while the images portrayed behind him, are visions from the spirit world, enabling them an abundant and successful hunt. The dancer is wearing a headdress of Bison horns, wrist and ankle rattles of dew claws (deer hooves), and is blowing an Eagle bone whistle....all of which considered powerful spiritual objects.

About the Artist:

David Yorke received his formal art training at the University of Florida, earning a degree in Advertising Design in 1971.  Working initially in TV media, Yorke’s 35+ year career as a commercial Illustrator/Designer eventually expanded into other areas of art, including book illustration, photography, and toy prototype design. In 1995 the Florida Disney/MGM Studios recruited him as a designer and later he was trained to be an Animation Background Painter. He says, “the experience working there was invaluable for the knowledge I gained about color and composition. Their training, the workshops and the overall exposure to their techniques and styles of artwork gave me greater confidence and inspiration as a painter.”  For 9 years, he worked on 5 feature films before the studio closed.


In 2004, David left the corporate art world to become a full-time fine artist. His love of the western landscape and his interest in portraying the people and wildlife of the American Frontier have been his primary focus.  His work has been acquired by many private and corporate collectors internationally, while exhibiting his paintings in numerous galleries, shows and auctions including Arts for The Parks, Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Autry Museum of the American West,  His work can also be found at The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art in St Petersburg, Florida and the Booth Western Art Museum in Georgia.  David's work has been featured in all of the major western art magazines and he has a major article in the Nov/Dec 2020 issue of Art of the West Magazine.